Logan Parker is a passionate photographer and filmmaker born and raised in Stewartsville, New Jersey. With a love for telling stories, and a camera in his hand for as long as he can remember, he left home after high school to pursue a BFA in Film, Photography and Visual Arts at Ithaca College in upstate New York. He graduated in December 2021, and has since relocated to Baltimore, Maryland where he currently works as an in-house videographer and marketing specialist at one of the nation's top real estate teams.

As a filmmaker: He is highly skilled as a writer, director, cinematographer and editor -- specializing in everything from comedic short films, to events and music videos, and his long running urban exploring documentary series on YouTube. It has been said that Logan has a very poetic approach to his filmmaking. 

As a photographer: Logan has a strong emphasis on architecture, fashion, fine art, and portraiture. He seeks to create stories in the viewers mind with each and every image, regardless of the context. Professionally he is often approached for his unique style of portraits, whether working with individuals, artists, or clothing brands, but he is skilled in a wide array of photographic genres and will happily take inquiries about anything. 

Much of his personal work is devoted to his love of abandoned landscapes, an interest that no doubt formed due to their abundance around his hometown, and the lack of literally anything else. He has self produced two photo books; Everything's Strange Here, and Authorized Personnel Only, and is currently working on a third based on his thesis exhibition Don't Forget About Me.

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